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More than 100,000 educators across the country have discovered the benefits of participant-driven, professional learning. Join the edcamp movement and learn how you can enhance your professional development!

Tenets of Edcamp

  • Free

  • Open to everyone

  • Created by participants on the day of the edcamp

  • Sessions facilitated by anyone - experience not experts

  • Reliant on the "rule of two feet” that empowers everyone to find session that meet their needs

  • Vendor-free events

  • Fostering Student Learning Networks
  • How to Run Your School from your iPhone
  • Twitter Activities for Students
  • How do you do that? What works and what doesn't in school change?
Edcamp Omaha
  • Global Read Aloud and Reading in the 21st Century
  • Maker Fair - Innovative Practices
  • Badges, Levels, Games and Learning
  • Pointing fingers: Digital Citizenship for Elementary Students
Edcamp Atlanta
  • Admin. Roundtable: What do teachers want to tell us?
  • Twitter Newbies
  • Mythology: The Heroes Journey in the Classroom
  • Collaborative Classrooms, a New Physical Environment
Edcamp Philly
  • Curating for Work, Search, Workflow, Life
  • Use Design Thinking to Solve Real Problems
  • Thank you, Mr Gutenburg, but we've moved on!
  • Collaboratively Write an eBook in an Hour


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