March 2014

“Why I committed to a monthly donation to Edcamp and why you should too” by Sara Brooks

The Edcamp Foundation would like to recognize and thank Ms. Sara Brooks, an Information Literacy Teacher (Elementary School Librarian) in Greely, Colorado, for being our first monthly donor. We appreciate your support! Here’s the note that accompanied her donation:

By dedicating a monthly amount to Edcamp, it allows the organization to  better budget and plan throughout the year. But even more important, a monthly donation is my commitment to all teachers’ professional growth.Teachers want to improve their teaching and will contribute and participate in professional development that matters to them! This is Edcamp. It allows us to share what we know and to learn from others; we can build from each other’s experiences. Edcamp makes it better for teachers and our students. It is a truly grassroots organization that began from our rank and file and continues to be about our profession. Give monthly and keep it growing!

Thank you, Sara, for your advocacy and support – and for paying it forward!