Join the Movement

Educators searching for voice and choice in their professional development attend Edcamps to learn, share and connect.

What should I expect?

Energy, enthusiam, and collaboration!

  • Everyone is there by choice, and eager to ask questions, share passions, and learn from each other. 
  • Edcamps are a fun, laid-back opportunity to network with other educators.
  • All are welcome to pitch ideas, facilitate a session, and share contact information with those they've connect with to bolster their professional network. 

"As educators, it's important that we continue expanding our circles of influence so that we can all continue to learn and improve. Edcamps are a great place to make these connections, not just for that day, but for a lifetime."          - Cassie B. 

What happens?

The best Edcamps happen when everyone suggests a topic for discussion and then collaboratively build a session board filled with great learning opportunities!

  • Everyone is welcome to introduce themselves and suggest a topic for the session board.
  • Educators are encouraged to share best practices, challenges and passions, each listening for key information to enhance their professional learning.
  • There is no single expert in the room; participants are empowered to have voice and choice at Edcamp!

Will I really learn?

YES! The gains from attending Edcamp are enormous. We routinely survey our community members and have discovered that:

  • Educators exposed to the Edcamp model are more satisfied, learn more and feel more supported.
  • Nearly 70% report learning at least 4 or more ideas to implement in their classrooms; 23% report learning over 10.
  • Administrators and teachers agree that the Edcamp model is more productive and valuable than traditional, presentation-oriented professional development.
  • Close to 97% of Edcampers say they developed beneficial contacts at Edcamp, making it one of the most rewarding networking events for educators out there. 

"The best professional development has been when a teacher shows me what has revolutionized their classroom...anything that a fellow teacher, who is still in the classroom, presents beats out anything else." ~ Teachers Know Best, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

Can I get credit?

There's a good chance you can, but teacher training credit varies by state and district.

  • Our data shows that over 80% of administrators exposed to the Edcamp model not only approved it for teacher training credit, but also included Edcamp as an approved professional development offering in their district.
  • We encourage Edcampers to advocate for receiving credit by sharing the model's effectiveness with administrators and using our Certificate of Completion to demonstrate attendance and learning at Edcamp. 
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