Announcing Edcamp Impact Grants

Have an Edcamp Idea You’re Eager to Implement? Need Some Funds? Impact Grants Can Help!

The Edcamp Foundation is very excited to announce our new Impact grants! These grants are awarded to educators who have attended an edcamp and want to implement an idea that they learned there. Each grant is for up to $1,000. The goal is to support the spread of what happens at an edcamp into schools around the country. Learn at an edcamp, and make the learning spread beyond its starting point! Initially, we will be awarding 25 Impact Grants on July 15, 2016.

Think about what you learned at an edcamp and how you can create a larger impact from it. Dream BIG!

  • Would you like to hire a substitute and go visit a rockstar teacher’s classroom for a few days?
  • Would you take a course in coding for the classroom?
  • Do you learn more about why making is important and then build a Makerspace in your library?
  • Would you bring in an expert to support the learning of all of the teachers in your school?


The first deadline for applying is June 30, 2016. The applications will be read between July 1-14, 2016, with the grants awarded immediately afterwards.

Applications will be reviewed by a team of amazing edcamp organizers, as the Foundation wants this program to reflect the grassroots nature of the edcamp movement. If you are interested in joining this group of organizer-readers, please let us know.

Each grant will be read by five of the organizer-readers and must be approved by at least three of them. The goal is to impact as many students, teachers, classrooms and schools as we can with the fabulous ideas that are generated at edcamps. We are especially looking for grants that enhance a teacher’s skills and understanding.

A random number generator will create the list of the order in which the grants will be read. When 25 grants are decided upon, the readers will stop reading applications until the next round. Any grants not read in Round 1 will automatically move on to Round 2. Please only submit one grant per person each year.

To apply for one of the Edcamp Impact Grants, here is the application!

Happy dreaming and bringing about change!