Celebrating Amazing Edcamp Organizers

The Edcamp Foundation had the distinct honor of hosting our first Edcamp Organizer Summit, an amazing two day event filled with energy and passion. The goal of the Summits is to celebrate our amazing Edcamp organizers. These organizers are usually full-time educators who give tirelessly of their time and energy to help provide an edcamp for their region. They plan and build each event as willing volunteers, and the Foundation wants to lift them up. For the first Summit in Philadelphia, we invited the edcamp founders, the Edcamp Philly team and other organizers from around the mid-Atlantic region. In all, we had 125 people attend the Summit, which was held at a beautiful conference center, with everything provided.

As well as honoring the organizers, the Foundation wants to provide a space where they can come together to learn and grow together. The hashtag for event, #EdcampSummit, trended on the Saturday. There was so much energy and excitement. For an overview of the tweets, here is the Storify of the time. 

The feedback for those who attended was overwhelmingly positive and highlighted the fact that the Summit had indeed given them a chance to both build their edcamp network and make new friends.

"Wow, what a tremendous experience! In my mind, the best part was of course connecting with amazing educators that are passionate about empowering the voices of teachers in Edcamps!"

"It was great to have experienced edcampers discuss common concerns and best practices."

"I really like the fact that the summit took place over two days. Being able to have the evening to process what I learned and talked about on Day 1 and then being able to regroup and continue those conversations the next day was wonderful!"

"The networking, collaboration and passion was invigorating!"

During the edcamp portion of the Summit, the topics ranged from "How to Build the best Session Board" to "Edcamp for Introverts." The conversations were as rich and stimulating as at all of the edcamps around the world. To see the session board and the Google Docs of the notes, click here.

We are going to be hosting Summits around the country, using them to draw together the organizers from each section of the country to meet each other and strengthen this amazing movement of which we are all a part. The next one will be in Atlanta, GA on July 25 & 26; followed by one in Dallas in August. We are inviting organizers who live in the region to attend and if there is extra space, we will expand the invitation list to organizers from other regions. 

(One of the challenges that we found for our first Summit was that the Foundation does not have a complete list of organizers. As edcamps can be run without any contact with us, we are still building a list of who is organizing and hosting edcamps. If you are an edcamp organizer and would like to participate in an Edcamp Summit in your region, please fill out this form, so we can add you to the invitation list.)