Connecting Communities w/ Connected Learning

Submitted by Chris Rogers, Edcamp Foundation Program Associate

Given the growing influence of digital tools on young people’s lives, what are the possibilities for where creative investigation in the classroom can go?

Good Day Edcampers, 

Let me introduce myself. I joined the Edcamp Foundation in August 2017 after a stint as an afterschool arts supervisor as well as interning with The National Writing Project. In my work there, I worked on LRNG Innovators project which sought to support teachers in imagining breakthrough projects along with their students and communities. 

Through that experience, I spent a great amount of time looking through existing projects that we found interesting. As we begin this Edcamp Foundation Newsletter, this is a great opportunity for you all to get to know a bit of my background and how we plan to support teacher leadership on the ground. 

As an example: In this project out of Philadelphia, we meet a classroom of students and teachers who found a way to take their stories of self-discovery and create a new platform for agency and voice. 

Enjoy this full collection as an opportunity to find inspiration, parse ideas to take on creative investigation in your classroom and school community: Years in the Making with Connected Learning: The Collection


-Chris Rogers

Chris works at the Edcamp Foundation to support teachers convening spaces nationally (and internationally) to discover innovative and transformative practices that they can bring into and beyond their classrooms and schools. When he's not working, Chris can be usually found with a book, or two, or three, and a small all-season iced coffee with no room for cream.