Edcamp Essentials at your Door – Edcamp in a Box is born!

Imagine hosting an Edcamp without any of the hassle of finding sponsors to help pay for coffee in the morning and Post-It notes for the Session Board. What if all of that simply appeared! Imagine that the Edcamp Foundation effectively provides the basics of what you need, making hosting an Edcamp that much easier for the volunteers who organize each and every Edcamp.

Many organizers have told us that the hardest part about hosting an Edcamp is raising the necessary funds to pay for the necessary incidentals: breakfast, coffee, supplies. For some well-established Edcamps, this isn’t an issue. They have sponsors who willingly step forward year after year, but for many others, this is the most exhausting and draining part of the work. So the Foundation decided to take this burden away! The Foundation believes firmly that Edcamp organizers are awesome and deserve all the support and help that we can give them!

So Edcamp-in-a-Box was born!

Edcamp-in-a-Box will provide the essentials for hosting an Edcamp painlessly. Organizers will identify what they need and then apply to receive a Box. This list includes:

Gift cards for breakfast – coffee, bagels, etc.
Poster paper for signs
Flash drive with logos, posters, rules
Post-Its for the session board
Edcamp stickers
Copy of The Edcamp Model
Photos of other Edcamps
More about how to become part of the awesome program in the next blog post, tomorrow!