The Edcamp Flaming Apple – Explained

Symbols are powerful things and the Flaming Apple of Edcamp is no exception. Our logo was designed by one of my former students, Lorenzo Ibarra. Even at first glance, Lorenzo’s design is a brilliant twist on the barcamp flame. It gives a nod to Edcamp’s roots in that movement as well capturing the burning passion of Edcampers for education.

But wait, there’s more! This morning, Lorenzo’s former Commercial Graphics teacher pointed out a deeper, more subtle layer to the logo and explained how it actually came into being. Lorenzo started with the same premise that we all do – it’s about the students – and they are there in the logo. Once you see them, hands raised, you cannot miss them.

In order to get the effect, Lorenzo needed to turn the barcamp flame upside down and manipulate its shape ever so slightly. The apple was just obvious after that. From now on, whenever I look at our symbol, I will constantly be reminded that, as awesome as Edcamp is for me as an educator, the movement is ultimately about the kids.

Thank you, Lorenzo, for reminding us what it is all about.