Edcamp + Maker Promise Partnership

Partnership will provide maker education resources to Edcamp organizers across the country!

November 9, 2017 | Washington, D.C. - The Maker Promise, a collaboration led by the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) and Digital Promise, announced a new partnership with the Edcamp Foundation to bring maker learning opportunities to educators. The news was first announced at Edcamp: Maker Promise, a free, one-day professional development experience around making for educators that was held at Friends’ Central School outside of Philadelphia, PA, which kicked off the partnership.

“We are excited to partner with Edcamp to give more educators the opportunity to experience maker learning firsthand. Both the maker education and Edcamp movements are formed around strong communities of educators dedicated to sharing and supporting each others' practice. To bring these two communities together will strengthen both,” said Karen Cator, President and CEO of Digital Promise.

Beginning in 2018, Maker Promise will offer support for the more than 500 Edcamps held each year to add making activities to their events. Edcamp organizers who want to participate will challenge other educators to collaboratively redesign a project, build items like circuit tiles, and incorporate core values of maker learning – audience, agency, and authenticity – into their work.

In addition, educators interested in hosting their own maker education-themed Edcamps can connect with Maker Promise for support and resources. These specialized Edcamps will receive tips for organizing a maker Edcamp, financial support for materials and supplies, event promotion through the Maker Promise network, and materials for prizes and giveaways.

“Many Edcamp organizers already have makerspaces at their Edcamps, and we are excited to work with Maker Promise to make that easier and provide support for the organizers who aren’t sure how to include one in their Edcamp,” said Hadley Ferguson, Executive Director of the Edcamp Foundation.

The Edcamp Foundation supports educators organizing participant-driven professional development experiences. Edcamps are free public events which leverage the knowledge and experiences of  attendees to create the topics and discussions of the day. After starting in Philadelphia in 2010 as a single event, there have been over 1,500 Edcamps across 35 countries. 

The Maker Promise is a campaign by Maker Ed and Digital Promise to equip schools with the resources and support needed to bring quality making experiences to students. School leaders, educators, and community advocates are invited to sign the Maker Promise and commit to being a champion for making by developing opportunities for students to learn through making; creating and supporting spaces for making; and showcasing what students make. Since launching in 2016, over 1,700 schools have become a part of the Maker Promise network.

“Maker champions and their supporters are creating lasting and meaningful educational change in K-12 schools through making,” said Maker Ed’s Interim Executive Director Stephanie Chang. “We see in Edcamp: Maker Promise an opportunity for K-12 teachers and leaders to engage in meaningful professional development around maker education, by learning directly from peers, taking immediate steps to improve their practice, and increasing their confidence through innovative professional development. We are excited to continue to support Maker Promise signees and maker champions as they create deep, engaging learning experiences for their students and each other.”

Learn more about Maker Promise. 

About Digital Promise
Digital Promise is a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to spur innovation in education in order to improve the opportunity to learn for all Americans. Through its work with educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading thinkers, Digital Promise supports a comprehensive agenda to benefit lifelong learning and provide Americans with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in the global economy. For more information, visit the Digital Promise website and follow @digitalpromise for updates.

About the Edcamp Foundation
The Edcamp Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the grassroots movement of participant-driven professional development for educators in which teachers drive the agenda of their own learning, providing an alternative and supplement to traditional professional development. The Edcamp Foundation provides resources for both Edcamp organizers and participants to build and enhance the community of learners that connect at an individual Edcamp. For more information, visit the Edcamp website and follow @edcampUSA. 

About the Maker Education Initiative
Maker Ed is a nonprofit organization that provides educators with the training, resources, and community of support they need to facilitate engaging learning experiences with youth through maker education—a hands-on, youth-driven, and open-ended learning approach. Maker Ed is a project of the Tides Center, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit public charity. For more information, visit the Maker Ed website and follow @MakerEdOrg for updates.