#EdcampGift Last Day!

Edcamp organizers are some of the most passionate and dedicated volunteers! They give freely of their time and talents to make edcamps happen all around the country and around the world. Because of their dedication and hard work, teachers are connecting, sharing and leaving with a new sense of commitment to their work with students. We want, on this final day of the #EdcampGift challenge, to highlight those organizers. Who do you want to celebrate for all that he or she has brought to the edcamp movement. We, as the edcamp community, would not exist without these organizers. So give one or more shout-outs to organizers that you want to celebrate, using the hashtag #EdcampGift.

We also want to thank Remind for sponsoring this ten-day challenge that has provided a forum for teachers to share their idea and win support for their local edcamps! This is the third year of their sponsorship, and we are deeply grateful for their ongoing commitment to the edcamp movement!