The Giants of Edcamp!

2015 has been an amazing year for the Edcamp Foundation! There are no two ways about it! We have been able to establish a home office to support the work of edcamp people around the world. None of this would have been possible without all of the amazing people who have created the edcamp movement by their hard work, their energy and their joy! Most especially their joy! Edcamp people bubble over with the energy and enthusiasm that is edcamp and willingly work to continue this movement! 

The first giants in this movement are the local, volunteer Organizers, without whom there would be no edcamps around the world! These giants are the loyal folks who recognize the importance of sharing this experience of participant-driven professional development with as many other educators as they can. They meet and plan, some of them for edcamps that will attract 20 people and some for edcamps that attract hundreds. But no matter what the size of the edcamp, the sharing and community are the same. Without these amazing volunteers, edcamps simply wouldn't exist. It is their time, energy and commitment that make each and every one happen.

The other giants are the thousands and thousands of educators around the world who take time, usually on a Saturday, to attend an edcamp. They choose to use some of their precious time out of school to learn with other educators. Often teachers travel long distances to be part of an edcamp, sometimes planning their vacations around where they can participate in one. These people are giants of learning, who want to be part of a community of educators that is committed to growing and improving their practice, who believe that a life lived learning is the best life there can be. These are the people of edcamp, and they want to participate in as many as they can. They regularly encourage their colleagues to join them on this journey, seeking to share the experience and growth with others. And so the edcamp movement grows!

Because of these giants, both the organizers and the participants, the edcamp movement continues to expand and is gaining recognition as a significant strategy for professional development for teachers. The work of these giants has been recognized at the White House and by the Department of Education. The word is getting out that participant-driven professional development is powerful!

So to all of the giants of the edcamp movement, thank you, from all of us at the Edcamp Foundation! It is truly an honor to be able to serve you.

Happy New Year! 2016 will be wonderful!