A Gift for Every Edcamp Participant

The Edcamp Foundation is excited to announce a new resource for all participants of upcoming Edcamps. We have partnered with Transcend, Inc. to share their Designing for Learning cards with everyone who comes to an Edcamp in the coming year, thanks to a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The cards were made to create a link between what scientists and researchers know about how people learn and what goes on in the classroom. They gathered together insights from neuroscience, cognitive schience, psychology and education and created an easy resource for teachers to use to enhance their lessons. The goal is to help teachers design the best learning environments and experiences for students. 

The sixteen cards are divided into four areas of focus: Cognition, Motivation, Identity and Individual Variety. Each card identifies a principle of learning. For example, one of the cards in Motivation is "Sense of Control." On the front of the card, it states what we know about how a "sense of control" enhances a student's motivation. On the back of the card, there are questions and statements to help teachers think about how to build a "sense of control" into a lesson, activity or environment. The cards can be used to spur new ideas or to evaluate what is already happening in the classroom.

Inside each deck of cards, there is a short overview of the Designing for Learning framework and a booklet with eight activities to help each educator use the cards effectively. The activities are organized into two groups: those that help build understanding of the main idea about the learning strategy and those that help apply that understanding with students in the classroom. If you want to learn more about the science behind the cards, "How It Works" and "The Implications for Learning Environments," you can find it here on Transcends' website. 

For the next year, along with our normal Edcamp-in-a-Box, we will be mailing boxes with the card decks to all of our organizers.  Each person who attends an Edcamp will receive a deck of cards. If there are extras, teachers should feel free to take them and share them with others at their schools.


We are hoping to learn about how the cards are used and their impact on teachers and students through the QR code in the card deck. It is linked to a 5 minute survey that we hope many teachers will fill in. 


We are excited to share this great resource with all of the participants of an Edcamp this year and can't wait to hear your reactions!