Introducing our Board Co-Chair, Betsy Longstreth

1) Welcome to 2018, What are your New Years’ resolutions?   

Not very original but true - More exercise and less reacting to pop up news and distracting social media

2) What do/did you wanna be when you grow up? 

Glad to be asked now - had not a clue when graduating high school!  But now I reflect on a common thread throughout my professional life is the role of crusader.  From Peace Corps rural community development, Planned Parenthood, Teaching, Head of Development and a sports based youth development organization, I have tried to open up opportunities and empower individuals to enhance their learning and their lives.

3) What was your favorite day at school of all time (as a teacher, or a student.)  

Whenever a lightbulb of comprehensive understanding lit up in the face of a student in Latin or Spanish,  each of those was my favorite moment.

Betsy has many years of experience in the nonprofit world with a specific focus on health, education and community outreach. She has been involved at the international and local level in the areas of education and health as a member of the Peace Corps working in rural Colombia. She was Assistant to the President of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania working closely with the Board of Directors and Administration in developing new clinical programs and outreach. She spent two years in Panama with her husband working in community development with local services to provide education and family planning services to the urban underserved. Upon returning to the United States, she founded Education International, which provided educational, tutoring, and homestay opportunities for Latin American middle and high-school students preparing for college in the US. Betsy taught Latin and Spanish at Chestnut Hill Academy where she also served as the Director of Institutional Advancement until 2012. Betsy served as the founding Executive Director of Vincera Foundation, the nonprofit philanthropic arm of Vincera Institute, dedicated to improving the health of the community through research, education and youth development. Betsy received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College. She and her husband, Peter, are the proud parents of three children and nine grandchildren. Throughout her various careers, Betsy has been dedicated to advancing professional development as critical to effective program delivery.