Introducing our Board Co-Chair, Shannon Montague

1) Welcome to 2018, What are your New Years' resolutions? 

I've moved to very open New Years resolutions now. This year I'm focusing on the words balance and moderation. I tend to be go-go-go and I used to beat myself up for it. Now I'm realizing it's ok to be go-go-go if I'm doing what I love. It's all about balancing it with times for pause and realizing I don't have to do EVERYTHING at once (moderation). 

2) What do/did you wanna be when you grow up? 

So I have a lot of answers to this. Realistically, I knew I was always going to go into education, but along the way considered journalism and politics. Secretly, I've always been fascinated by being a cruise ship entertainer. Seriously!  

3) What was your favorite day at school of all time (as a teacher, or a student.) 

Oh gosh! This is hard! I would have to say that I've been fortunate to work at independent schools with lots of traditions. At all of my school the traditional days are my favorites-- Lessons and Carols at my current school, Thanksgiving Convocation at my last school, etc.

If you've attended an Edcamp Summit, chances are you know who Shannon Montague is. The biggest supporter of Edcamp Karaoke, Shannon has been involved in edcamps since 2009 when she attended her first edcamp (PadCamp in New Jersey). After that, she worked with fellow Baltimorean, Chris Shriver, to create an awesome team that started Edcamp Baltimore in 2011. Shannon joined the Edcamp Foundation Board in 2015, and is thrilled to co-chair the board. She has been in the classroom for as long as she can remember, teaching stuffed animals as a kid, and then teaching English, technology and drama to real middle school and high school humans as an adult. Shannon loves to share the edcamp model, presenting it at numerous conferences and bringing it into her own work. Shannon is currently the Head of the Learning Village (grades PS-8) at St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA.