This June! Edcamp Foundation Releases Evaluation Survey

As the Edcamp Foundation continues to grow, it recognizes the value of identifying and documenting not only the impact of the Edcamp movement, but the impact of it’s programs within the community. For this reason, the Edcamp Foundation is excited to announce it’s implementing a participatory evaluation process in the months of June 2018 and January 2019. We’re taking the time to integrate evaluative thinking and approaches to our practice, keying in on community needs, wants, and gains.

Beginning in June 2018, a participatory survey will be sent out to all June organizers and attendees. The survey in question has been carefully created by our staff and a team of expert consultants, geared to measure the impact Edcamp has on an educator’s professional development, teacher practice, and teacher networking. In January, the following year, a follow up survey will be sent out to the same individuals, measuring both short-term and long-term impact.

We’re incredibly excited for our research to be implemented and are even more excited to share our findings with the Edcamp community. We hope our evaluation will help us better improve upon our programs, increase the Edcamp model’s credibility, and continue to build up the Edcamp movement. Stay tuned for our results!