Leadership Summits - Energizing and Empowering

There have been four Leadership Summits so far this year. The first one was in Philadelphia, bringing together 65 people connected with the edcamp movement in one way or another: Foundation Board members, local organizers and participants, potential sponsors and partners, and other education leaders. Since then, there have been summits in Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City, each one drawing together those in each region who want to celebrate edcamps.  Every summit has been as amazing as the edcamp organizers and participants who attended them, with the same magic that is at every local edcamp. There is nothing like the energy that is generated when each group of amazing people got together to talk about what they love, hosting and attending edcamps.

Some of the comments from the latest feedback survey from Kansas City:

  • I was able to connect with my team, build my network, and learn SO MUCH!
  • I am inspired to go back and make a difference!!
  • It has given me information and ideas to take back to the district to help convince them to better support edcamps and do more edcamp style PD.
  • I've made connections with other organizers who shared amazing ideas that can be put to use as we plan. 

100% of the recent respondents said that attending the summit made them better teacher leaders. 

One of the effects of the summits is that regional edcamp people get to spend time together, sharing their Best Practices, learning, collaborating and growing together. They also have a forum for sharing their challenges and brainstorming together with how to overcome them.

Plus, they get to see that they are truly part of a national and an international movement, that together we are changing professional development, and we are changing what is happening in classrooms for students. This is an amazing movement to be a part of! get to spend

The next summit is in Colorado Springs on November 11-13, 2016. You are invited, we hope that you can be there! Here is the link to sign up.