Learn More about Edcamp Encore

Edcamp Encore is an unconference day, with a focus. It is organized to further the learning that started at an Edcamp. Edcamp Encore is an opportunity for educators to learn more about a topic they started exploring at an Edcamp. It is a day that provides valuable time to increase one's understanding and develop strategies for implementation. 

Edcamp organizers are encouraged to host an Edcamp Encore after their Edcamp. The first step would be to analyze the session board from your initial Edcamp and then survey the participants about their expertise in that topic. Next, the organizers reach out to the Edcamp Foundation for help in finding other experts in the areas identified. Then it is time to start planning your Encore Edcamp.

The Edcamp Foundation will support the organizers with the necessary resources: materials, funding for refreshments, and strategies for identifying teacher experts. Contact cynthia@edcamp.org if you would like more information or if you want to host an Edcamp Encore.