So What Do I Have to Do to Get my Edcamp-in-a-Box?

For new Edcamp organizers, the first step is to get connected with a member of the Foundation Partnership Program.  You do that here. After talking with the Foundation Partner, you will need to work with your team of organizers to identify a location and date for your Edcamp.

The available items for the box are:

  •      Gift cards for breakfast – coffee, bagels, etc.
  •      Poster paper for signs
  •      Nametags
  •      Markers
  •      Post-Its for the session board
  •      Edcamp stickers

Your team will then discuss what supplies you would like from the Foundation and will fill out the form.

If this is not the first year for the Edcamp, the organizers will fill out this form, providing information about their last event and requesting support for this year’s.

The Boxes are sent out monthly, with the goal being that it will arrive approximately a month to six weeks before your edcamp. 

How do we pay for this great program? Great question!

In response to requests from many of our faithful EdTech companies, the Foundation has created a single channel for them to give to Edcamps across the country. Instead of responding, as many of them do, to dozens of requests for cash and swag, they can make a donation of $300.00/Box to the Edcamp Foundation. They are then providing with the mailing address of the edcamp that they are sponsoring and are able to send their products, gift cards, etc., to be distributed to the educators who attend the edcamp they are sponsoring.