Teachers #StandwithStudents

Let's raise our voices!

From the minute a person decides to become a teacher, there is a commitment to stand with and for the children who will be our students. We don't teach for fame and fortune; we teach for kids. How many of us have called our students, "my kids"? As long as they are in our classrooms and often well beyond that, we are ours, and we do this work for them. They are the reason that we stay late at school and often lie awake at night, prepping a new lesson or scheming a new strategy to light up their learning. Teachers, plain and simple, teach for kids. 

In the Edcamp community, this is especially true. Edcamp people go far beyond the norm, constantly seeking to improve the learning that happens in their classrooms. They are passionate about being their very best, creating learning environments for every child. Some times, it is in small ways, coming alongside a struggling student and offering help. Some times, it is in much larger ways that go far beyond any job description, marching and petitioning alongside their students. What matters to students matters to teachers!

Let's use the power of our collective voice, here and on social media, to join together to stand with our students, making a statement that they are not alone. 

Share how you are supporting your students. 

  • How are you doing this work? 
  • What works? What doesn't?
  • How can we collaborate to support each other's efforts?

We are a powerful group of educators. Let's use our voice to share how much we #StandwithStudents!