TN Edcamp + PBS Station WCTE

The Putnam County School System in Tennessee started the school year off a little differently this year by partnering with PBS Station WCTE  to do its 2nd Edcamp as the opening day of in-service!

On July 25th 2018, over 850 teachers and district leaders attended the first ever district-wide Edcamp. Everyone in the district participated!

"It was really neat to attend a wide variety of sessions and talk to people who could offer ideas you hadn't thought of! I really enjoyed getting a chance to connect with people outside of my community and school building." ~ Angela Dyer, Prescott South Middle School

The teacher-created session board included over 69 PreK-4 topics and 75 topics for grades 5-12. Topics included: classroom management, curriculum, social and emotional well being, technology, STEAM, grading practices, standards, and many more subject and grade level specific topics. The feedback has been wonderful and their teachers are already asking if they can do it again next year!

Check out pictures from the Edcamp!

Watch two teachers talk about the impact of Edcamp.