What Can You Expect at a PBS Edcamp?

PBS educators are a passionate bunch. It’s no wonder – we collaborate daily with some passionate characters. You probably know some of them: Sid the Science Kid, Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, Arthur, my two favorites, Peg + Cat, and many more. The PBS mission is to “…educate, inspire, entertain and express a diversity of perspectives.” As PBS Edcamp organizers, we can’t help but bring our mission to each event.

No two Edcamps are alike, and the attendees are what make each Edcamp special. However, since PBS and the Edcamp Foundation partnered last year, and PBS Edcamps starting popping up across the nation, it seems the organizers can play an important role in the Edcamp experience, as well.

Our surveys tell us that educators enjoy and learn from the PBS Edcamp experience. Here are a few things you might expect to find when the next PBS Edcamp pops up in your neighborhood.


  • You will meet PreK- 3 Educators. Our PBS Kids and Education focus is early childhood, so it is natural that our PBS Edcamp is designed for the PreK through 3rd Grade adults who teach them. Further, it’s a special day when PreK educators can enjoy quality professional development alongside K-3 educators.


  • You will find free educational media. Classroom-ready, standards-based, PBS resources will be shared - many that teachers have not heard about – most that the kids already know well. Who doesn’t love free lesson plans?


  • You will see PBS characters. Not just for kids, our beloved characters make everyone feel like happy campers. And the kids back at school will love seeing their teacher’s selfie with their favorite PBS characters!

  • You will probably ‘bling’ your badge. This simple, creative interaction of decorating name tags together helps educators relax, mingle, remember names and be remembered.

  • You will meet awesome PBS volunteers. PBS attracts the BEST volunteers – special people that help make the Edcamp experience its best.


  • You could win fun stuff. Whether you call it swag, giveaways, tchotchke, whatever – PBS has fun stuff! (think: Cookie Monster notebook, Cyberchase socks, Mr. Rogers cookbook.) And we all know teachers like fun stuff.


The next time a PBS Edcamp pops up in your neighborhood think about attending, especially if you plan to organize a future Edcamp in your school, district or university setting. We love to partner with other Edcamp organizers. Connect with us! Edcamp organizers really can make a difference.