Edcamp ADW 2019

Edcamp ADW 2019

February 23 20198:00 am - 12:00 pm

Come join us for a participant-driven, free professional development where educators share their passions with others! Elementary, Middle and High school educators and staff are welcome! This is a great opportunity to collaborate and learn with others.

Please email edcampadw@gmail.com or norriss@adw.org with any questions! See information below from the Edcamp Website:

"As educators, it's important that we continue expanding our circles of influence so that we can all continue to learn and improve. Edcamps are a great place to make these connections, not just for that day, but for a lifetime." - Cassie B.


Edcamps are un-conferences. Topics for sessions are determined by participants at the event, where conversation and collaboration are paramount.

Free to Attend

Edcamps are free for participants! Educators who want to learn and collaborate are welcome, at no expense to them.

Experience, not Experts

Sessions are facilitated by anyone. Participants with experience are encouraged to speak up during sessions. Open dialogue and a willingness to share, not planned presentations, drive the learning at Edcamps.

Rule of Two Feet

The "rule of two feet" empowers participants to find sessions that best meet their needs. If a session isn't working for them, they are encouraged to find one that is!

"The best professional development has been when a teacher shows me what has revolutionized their classroom...anything that a fellow teacher who is still in the classroom (presents) beats out anything else." ~ Teachers Know Best, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

What Can I Expect at EdCampADW?

Energy, enthusiam, and collaboration! Everyone at Edcamp is there to ask questions, share passions, and learn from each other. No one is required to be there; they make a decision that they want to learn and grow, and so they come! When you arrive, there is usually a bit of controlled chaos as people sign in, get their name tags, and grab breakfast. At your first edcamp, identify yourself as a newcomer when you sign in, so organizers can help you. They want to greet newcomers and welcome them into this dynamic movement.

What Really Happens at an EdCamp?

Initially, time is devoted (at least 30 minutes) to provide everyone who has come with an opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and to suggest a topic for the session board. Everyone who comes is encouraged to host a session, which simply means providing a topic or question for discussion. There is no expectation of expertise, only of professional curiosity.

Once the session board is filled, participants look at the finalized schedule and decide which sessions they want to attend.

Sessions are participant-driven, encouraging sharing and collaboration among everyone who comes to the session, whether it a few people or a large group. Teachers share their best practices, their challenges and their passions, each listening for key information to enhance their personlized professional development. There is no single expert in the room! Participants are empowered to have voice and choice at Edcamp and encouraged to subscribe to the "Rule of Two Feet," staying for sessions that meet their needs and politely leaving ones that do not.

Will I Learn at EdCampADW?

YES! The gains from attending an Edcamp are enormous. Educators and administrators exposed to the Edcamp model are more satisfied, learn more, and feel more supported after attending an Edcamp. Nearly 70% of all participants report learning at least 4 or more ideas they want to implement in their classrooms, and 23% report learning over 10! Both administrators and educators agree that the Edcamp model is more productive and valuable than traditional, presentation-oriented professional development, with close to 97% of all attendees stating that they developed beneficial contacts at each Edcamp, making it one of the most worthwhile networking events for educators out there.

Can I Get Credit for Attending EdCampADW?

There is a good chance you can! Teacher training credit varies by state and district, meaning participants must be their own advocates in receiving credit. The Edcamp Foundation has created a certifiate of completion and an activity log (hours) that we will be pass along to you on the date of our event. You can contact MSDE or OSSE, DC for approval. Over 80% of adminstrators who were exposed to the Edcamp model, not only approved it for teacher training credit, but adapted the model for their districts

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