Edcamp Arts Lehigh Valley 2019

Edcamp Arts Lehigh Valley

November 16 20199:00 am - 12:00 pm

The arts focus on communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking - 21st century skills all students need to succeed. Ever wonder how to reach all of the learners in your classroom? Are you thinking about ways to integrate music, art, theatre, writing, design, and more into your daily lessons? Wishing you could discuss these topics with like minded educators? Have you developed some innovative and excellent ways to use technology in your arts classes and now you're burning to share your discoveries with other teachers? Whether you want to talk to fellow educators about ways to infuse the arts into your core and artistic classrooms or you are an arts educator hoping to share your expertise with other teachers, this is the professional learning opportunity for you. EdCamps are free, participant driven professional learning. We are so excited to provide a place for all things ARTS Education in the Lehigh Valley!!

321 E 3rd St