Edcamp Bemidji 2020

Edcamp Bemidji 2020

February 01 20208:00 am - 4:00 pm

What is Edcamp Bemidji?

Simply, it is a free conference for teachers, administrators, pre-service teachers - actually anyone who is interested in making education better. What makes Edcamp unique is that there are no paid speakers or presenters, in fact you are considered the expert. Attendees can choose to present, learn, or both! The schedule will be built during the morning opening session.

What should I bring?

1. A wi-fi device, so you can access the notes and schedule.

2. A mind, that is open and ready to learn.

3. A friend or two, or three.

What will be covered?
Since the schedule is built on the day of the event, we really do not know. Here is what we do know, we will provide a blank schedule and you will complete it with a range of topics ranging from best practices to teacher self-care. Come with ideas of what you would like to learn and share.

What about Breakfast/Lunch?
We will be providing a light breakfast including yogurt, granola, fruit, and coffee. The Concordia Language Village is donating a fabulous lunch!

Do I have to be from Bemidji to attend?
No! This event is open to anyone and everyone. If you are traveling a distance, check out our accommodations page on our website.

1406 Birchmont Dr. NE