Edcamp Continuum of Inclusion 2019

Edcamp Continuum of Inclusion

November 16 20198:30 am - 1:00 pm

Join us for this FREE event at Cotting School. Our Edcamp will be a great place to learn and share the your thoughts, questions, practices, and insights related to the continuum of inclusion in special education.

  • Make connections with passionate people who are interested in supporting students with special needs.
  • Collaborate with others in building a community of empowered educators.
  • Walk away inspired and energized.

Edcamp is a professional learning phenomenon that was developed in Philadelphia, PA and has spread throughout the world. Our program for the day will be created by participants on the day of the Edcamp. When our big board of offerings is posted, you can choose what sessions to attend based on your interests. If you find a session doesn't serve your needs, apply the rule of two feet and choose a different one. You are in charge of your day!

Come ready and excited to learn, teach, and dialogue with others. This event is open to all educators, parents, and professionals from all districts!

Use the link at the top of this page to learn more and register. We look forward to meeting you and learning from each other!

453 Concord Avenue