Edcamp Leadership Missouri 2019

Edcamp Leadership Missouri

June 18 20198:30 am - 12:00 pm

Thank you for registering for checking out the EdCamp Leadership event hosted by Connected Learning at North Kirkwood Middle School. We are so happy that during your summer break you are excited about meeting up with other administrators and leaders just like yourself!

You Are Coming, Who Else Should Come?

Think of this as a team event. A team event where a central office staff, school board, administrative team, and/or district leadership team all attends, learns, shares and collaborates on a vision for the future of their school or district. EdcampSTL supports teacher learning, the Edcamp Leadership is an event focused on educational leadership.

“Feel” of the day

Most sessions are unknown to us right now. The majority of sessions will be made up on the spot and done in an “unconference” style. Have expertise to share? Share it. The sessions will be discussion driven and conversation focused so no powerpoint/keynote slides necessary. As with all Connected Learning events, we will encourage the “rule of two feet.”

I’m new here...Please help me!

For many of you, this is your first edcamp experience. We are excited to have you attending, and we believe that it will transform your professional learning forever. Below are some great videos that will give you an insight to how this day of learning happens.

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