Edcamp Louisiana NBCT 2019

Edcamp Louisiana NBCT

November 15 20198:00 am - 1:00 pm

We would like to welcome you to participate in our interactive professional development event. Our goal is for you to have a learning experience wherein the takeaways will be focused on you and the needs of students. Please see below the "Tenents of the Edcamp Model"

1) Free + Open to All Educators and subjects

2) Participant-Driven - Collaboratively participants determine session topics and events

3) Experience, not Experts - share your experiences and engage in collaborative conversations not planned presentations

4) Rule of Two Feet: Meet your needs and maximize learning

This event promises to be fun and exciting. It is our hope you will return the next day to discuss strategies to apply the wealth of information received from our fellow colleagues. Come out and join the fun, teaching, learning growing our profession to impact students and their learning. See you soon!

Edcamp Louisiana NBCT 2019

104 Fairlane Drive