Edcamp Maker DC 2019

Edcamp Maker DC

April 27 20198:30 am - 1:00 pm

On Saturday, April 27, from 8:30 to 1:00 pm, we will host a Maker Edcamp DC at Capital City Public Charter School. Teachers, librarians, educators, and makers are invited to share their experiences, resources, and projects to expand the DC maker community through this exciting unconference!

Leading a Session

When signing up on our registration form, please consider signing up to present a session based on one of the following concepts:

  • Starting a makerspace in my school or classroom
  • Developing curriculum for maker education
  • Sharing instructional best practices for maker education
  • Becoming more proficient on specific tools or skills
  • Networking with other maker educators

Sessions will last 50 minutes, and our team will do the best to support you in gathering supplies. 

Do I have to lead a session?

No, you don't have to lead a session, but we strongly recommend it! Edcamps are intentionally informal. You don't have to think of an Edcamp Session as a presentation of research findings, or a perfect model of practice to share with the group. Most Edcamp sessions are about sharing and discussing with others. So, if you have a particular skill with a tool or instructional strategy, we recommend you share your gifts with the group! 

100 Peabody Street NW