Edcamp Makerspace 2019

Edcamp Makerspace

March 30 20199:00 am - 1:00 pm

Central Rivers AEA Instructional Technologists are hosting a Makerspace EdCamp on March 30th! We are looking to bring educators together that have makerspaces they have already established, are just getting started, and are thinking about establishing a makerspace in their district!

What is an EdCamp?
An EdCamp is a place to network through discussions, thinking, and problem-solving. An agenda will be established in the morning based on issues that YOU would like to discuss related to makerspaces. It is NOT a sit and get professional development, rather YOU are the facilitator guiding the conversation.

Date: March 30th
Location: TBA-Cedar Valley area
Time: 9-1

Come join us and share your expertise and learn from other educators that are looking for ways to build student creativity and voice into their school day!

Ashley Flatebo: aflatebo@centralriversaea.org
Michelle Cowell: mcowell@centralriversaea.org
Cari Teske: cteske@centralriversaea.org

1521 Technology Pkwy
Cedar Falls