Edcamp Memphis 2020

Edcamp Memphis 2020

June 12 20208:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tickets go on sale on April 1st!


Please join us for Edcamp Memphis, a free professional development unconference designed specifically for K-12 educators to network and learn about innovative practices in education.

The day begins with refreshments and networking, which develops into sessions on topics that participants want to learn more about or share. Generally, the person proposing the topic begins the discussion, but once the discussion begins all are encouraged to speak up and share.

Operating under the Rule of Two Feet, if you land in a session that isn’t what you need, then leave that session and go find another one that best suits your professional development needs. The day evolves into a powerful day of learning with snacks and door prizes as you make new friends, and build your professional learning network.

Edcamp Memphis is free. Lunch will be on your own following the event.

What Should I Expect?

Energy, enthusiam, and collaboration!

Everyone is there by choice, and eager to ask questions, share passions, and learn from each other.

Edcamps are a fun, laid-back opportunity to network with other educators.

All are welcome to pitch ideas, facilitate a session, and share contact information with those they've connect with to bolster their professional network.

What Happens?

The best Edcamps happen when everyone suggests a topic for discussion and then collaboratively build a session board filled with great learning opportunities!

Everyone is welcome to introduce themselves and suggest a topic for the session board.

Educators are encouraged to share best practices, challenges and passions, each listening for key information to enhance their professional learning.

There is no single expert in the room; participants are empowered to have voice and choice at Edcamp!

What Should You Bring?

A laptop or tablet (or phone) is useful. It will allow you to view the session board online, take notes, and view websites discussed throughout the day.

A hunger to learn and connect with other educators from our area

Can I Get PD Credit?

There's a good chance you can, but PD credit varies by school district. Please check with your school district to see if you can use this 5 hour event toward PD requirements.

5020 Lions Crest Dr
Lakeland Middle Preparatory School