EdCamp NJTESOL/NJBE 2020 Online

EdCamp NJTESOL/NJBE 2020 Online (1 of 2)

October 03 20208:30 am - 12:00 pm

This is the first of two free virtual October Edcamps hosted by NJTESOL/NJBE (NJ Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/NJ Bilingual Educators).

Register here for Saturday October 3rd. This Edcamp is open to all educators Pre-K through Higher Education. Topics will be selected in advance of the Edcamp.

This session will feature:

  • Equity issues
  • Special Education
  • Newcomers/Equity issues 
  • Newcomcers/Special Education
  • Newcomers/SLIFE
  • Parent/Family engagement.  

(The second Edcamp is this series will be held on Saturday October 17. You will need to register separately here for the second Edcamp.)