Edcamp Paulding 2019

Edcamp Paulding

June 20 20198:00 am - 12:30 pm

Edcamp is an “unconference” model of professional learning, meaning there are no vendors, no keynotes, and no set session schedule until you arrive. What does that mean? With this participant-driven professional learning model, the participants set the schedule of sessions the day of the event, and anyone who chooses to facilitate a session may do so. Participants are encouraged to “vote with their feet” and change sessions at any time they wish in order to best meet the learning needs of the educator. This FREE event is open to anyonewho wishes to attend. There are two ticket types- 1 is a free registration only ticket. The second is registration plus a t-shirt. You will need to send a check for $10 to Felicia Baker at the Paulding County School District Central Office.

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Educators around the world are taking charge of their own professional learning and joining in the edCamp fun! Come experience a different way of collaborating and learning with your colleagues.

Registration and check-in begin at 8:00am. Opening session begins at 8:30.

140 Bethel Church Road