Edcamp River Valley 2019

Edcamp River Valley

April 27 20198:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Education Renewal Zone (ERZ) at UAFS is excited to host the FIRST Edcamp River Valley!  Edcamp River Valley is a participant driven learning experience.  This “unconference” provides educators with the opportunity to share their best practices, challenges, and passions, each listening for key information to enhance their personalized professional development.  The sessions are participant driven, encouraging sharing and collaboration among everyone who attends the session, whether it is a few people or a large group. 

The agenda for Edcamp River Valley will be created the morning of the event based upon the wants and needs of the participants.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for teachers to ask questions, share ideas, and showcase best practices.  There is no single expert in the room!

Please join us for a fun morning of learning, networking, and collaborating with educators.  We will have breakfast available for participants. 

4998 Alabama Avenue
Fort Smith