Edcamp River Valley 2019

Edcamp River Valley

November 09 20198:30 am - 12:30 pm

Touted as an "unconference" Edcamp allows teachers a time and place to come together and learn from each other. The goal is to provide an opportunity for teachers to ask questions, share ideas, and showcase best practices.

We've all been to great professional development sessions (and not so great sessions) and left wishing we had more time to discuss and learn from others in the room. Edcamp is designed with that very idea in mind. There is no leader, no speaker, no curriculum--each of you will be able to contribute according to your needs and knowledge. Do you need to learn about classroom management? Okay! Would you like to know how to use social media in the classroom? Okay! Do you need ideas about how to engage students in meaningful activities? Okay!

Your ideas, your design, your learning, your growing...Edcamp is a conversation just waiting to happen. What can you contribute to the discussion?

Participants will receive a complimentary breakfast, a free t-shirt, and door prizes will be available.

4998 Alabama Avenue
Fort Smith