Edcamp San Diego 2019

Edcamp San Diego

October 12 20198:00 am - 12:15 pm

Edcamp San Diego takes place on Saturday, October 12 at the Escondido Union School District’s Carilyn Gilbert Education Center, and will bring together teachers and other education professionals from around Southern California. The teacher-led and teacher-focused sessions will be provided at no cost thanks to sponsors who have donated money, facilities, and items to give away.

Edcamps are a grassroots professional development movement we proudly call “an unconference.” This unique event brings educators together to create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically about educational issues and best teaching practices. Edcamps promote organic, participant-driven professional development. 

EdCamps believe in the following:

  • They are always FREE.
  • They are non-commercial and conducted with a vendor-free presence.
  • They are hosted by any organization interested in furthering the EdCamp mission.
  • They are made up of sessions that are determined on the day of the event.
  • They are events where anyone who attends can be a presenter.
  • Lastly, they are reliant on the “law of two feet” that encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs.

We hope you join in on October 12, 2019!

Visit our website to learn more! www.EdcampSanDiego.com

Edcamp San Diego Organizers:

  • Jo-Ann Fox @JoAnnFoxEDU
  • Krystle Miller @KrystleMMiller
  • Kriscia Cabral @KrisciaCabral
2310 Aldergrove Avenue