Edcamp Susquehanna Valley 2020

Edcamp Susquehanna Valley 2020

August 05 20209:00 am - 3:00 pm

Edcamp Susquehanna Valley is being led by a mix of instructional leaders and teachers in the Warrior Run School District. Due to our backgrounds as facilitators of blended learning and best practices in meaningful technology integration, participants can expect the day to have a heavy focus on topics regarding educational technology.

Some possible topics may include:

  • Technology for equity and differentiation in the classroom
  • Blended learning practices that make use of educational technology's benefits
  • Best practices in assessment using technology
  • Student voice and choice with technology
  • Project-based learning ideas across the curriculum

Other topics may be included but would depend on the backgrounds of the participants. A large and diverse population of teachers increases the learning for everyone!

4860 Susquehanna Trail