Edcamp Tech East AL 2019

Edcamp Tech East AL

July 09 20198:30 am - 2:30 pm

What is Edcamp?

The vision of Edcamp is to create a network of educators dedicated to participant-driven, professional development that enhances student learning.


Sessions are set the morning of the event by the attendees for the attendees to ensure sessions on topics of interest.

Experience, not Experts: No formal presentations are given, just great conversation around a specific topic of interest/challenge

Rule of Two Feet - Find sessions that meet your needs to maximize learning

What to Bring: Mobile device recommended but not required, questions, and ideas

Learn from each other and build relationships to extend beyond this one day to grow your personal learning network. Remember to share email, Twitter usernames, and follow the hashtag (#EdcampTechEastAL) and @EdcampTechEastA on Twitter to stay connected. We are excited that you are interested in attending Tech Edcamp East AL!

1500 Greenwave Drive