Request a starter kit to make your Edcamp a success, and join the hundreds of Edcamps happening across the country making a difference in professional development for educators!

A Message to Edcamp Organizers

Thank you for spreading the Edcamp model by organizing an Edcamp in your area! We could not achieve our mission without the support and dedication of the amazing Organizers, planning and facilitating Edcamps around the world. It is because of you that the Edcamp model is successfully empowering educators to transform professional development in their local schools and dristricts.

The Edcamp Foundation is committed to ensuring quality programs and reporting the impact of our model. Starting May 2017, we are asking all organizers to submit photos of their Edcamps, contact information for all Edcamp participants (attendee lists), and receipts for items purchased with funding from the Edcamp Foundation. As we continue to build our movement, we need your help building our community, sharing stories of impact and learning, and demonstrating funding needs. 

Once your registration is approved:

1) You can use the Edcamp Foundation’s trademarked name;

2) You can ask for an Edcamp-in-a-Box with Edcamp supplies and promotional SWAG; and

3) You will be able to use our centralized Eventbrite registration, with your own unique page, that lists your Edcamp on our master calendar.

4) You get free advertising on our Edcamp Foundation website and wiki page. 

As always, we wish you a successful and energizing Edcamp!

What is Edcamp-in-a-Box?

Edcamp-in-a-Box is a free starter kit from the Edcamp Foundation sent to approved Edcamps using the Edcamp Model. The kit includes materials to facilitate a successful edcamp, as well as promotional materials to brand the Edcamp model. Our goal is to make hosting an Edcamp as easy as possible, so educators can benefit from the model and encourage others to join the movement. 

Edcamp-in-a-Box materials are tailored to meet each organizer's needs. After submitting your application, the Edcamp Foundation will contact you with a list of possible materials available.

Edcamp-in-a-Box includes (but not limited to):

  • Post-It Notes for session board creation
  • Index Cards for session topic ideas
  • Nametags 
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Edcamp pens, stickers and bottons
  • Edcamp Grocery Bags for give-away promotions 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities from national ed-tech companies
  • Edcamp Postcards
  • Information about professional development credit for edcamp participation
  • Edcamp Foundation educator resources

Edcamp Organizers are also eligible to receive funding for refreshments/materials with their Edcamp-in-a-Box. Restrictions and Terms of Agreement apply.

    What are the requirements?

    First, make sure your edcamp complies with the Edcamp model:   

    • Free for everyone: no cost to attend
    • Participant-Driven: no lectures, planned presentations or schedule
    • Vendor / Solicitor free: no pressure to buy any goods or services
    • Open to all and publicly advertised: not an inservice, in-house training within one school, organization, etc.

    Second, any Organizer requesting an Edcamp-in-a-Box agrees to the Edcamp Foundation’s Terms of Agreement, which include submitting photographs, completing surveys, submitting receipts of purchase and participant contact information (attendee list) to the Edcamp Foundation upon completion of their edcamp.

    If your edcamp meets the following guidelines, you will receive an Edcamp-in-a-Box!

    What is the process for Edcamp-in-a-Box?

    The process of receiving your Edcamp-in-a-Box takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

    After submitting your application, the Edcamp Foundation will contact you to confirm your edcamp. Once approved and Terms of Agreement forms are submitted by all Organizers, your Box will be shipped to the supplied address within 3 to 4 business days.

    Sample timeline for the Edcamp-in-a-Box Program:

    • Organizer submits application for Edcamp-in-a-Box online, answering all required fields.
    • The Edcamp Foundation contacts the Organizer, verifying their request and sharing the Terms of Agreement.
    • Organizer sends back signed Terms of Agreement.
    • Organizer confirms details on Eventbrite page through their sub-user account  on the Edcamp Foundation website. 
    • The Edcamp Foundation sends out Edcamp-in-a-Box to supplied address, and the Organizer receives their box within 3 to 4 days.
    • Organizer completes their edcamp and submits required materials back to the Edcamp Foundation.

    How soon should I apply?

    You are welcome to apply for an Edcamp-in-a-Box as soon as you know you would like to host an Edcamp. However, we recommend submitting your request at least 3 months in advance because of the high volume of requests and processing time. Unfortunately, due to time and check issuing constraints, requests submitted 3 weeks or less before a planned edcamp will not receive an Edcamp-in-a-Box.