Edcamp Registration Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Edcamp community of organizers! Please read and sign these Terms and Conditions, which we created to ensure the integrity of the Edcamp model. They will give you a good sense of what to expect of the registration process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. At the end, please click in the “I Agree” checkbox in order to submit your registration request.

We encourage you to register your Edcamp as soon as possible, so that we can offer you the best support. We recommend submitting your request at least three (3) months in advance. At certain times of the year, there is a very high volume of requests and we want to make sure we can process your request effectively. While we will try, we can not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill requests submitted three (3) weeks or less before a planned Edcamp. 

At any point, if you have concerns or questions, please contact us.

Registration process timeline:
Note: This is an estimated timeline. 

  • Step 1: Organizer submits online registration form, completing all required fields and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Step 2: Within five (5) business days of receiving the submission, the Edcamp Foundation reviews the form, verifies that the event meets the requirements of  an Edcamp and emails the organizer to discuss registration options. The Edcamp Foundation hosts an Eventbrite account to make this as easy as possible for organizers.
    • New organizers using the Foundation’s Eventbrite parent account need to provide an email address that is not already linked to other events on Eventbrite that we will use to create a sub-user account. Organizers will receive an Eventbrite Set-up Guide via email to assist with setting up their sub-user account and editing/designing their Eventbrite page. 
    • Returning organizers will be assigned access to a new Eventbrite page and will receive the link via email from the Foundation.
    • Organizers who wish to use a different registration platform are asked to provide the link to their registration page. We will review the page to make sure it complies with the tenets of the Edcamp model (free, open to all, participant-driven, experience not experts, rule of two feet, vendor free). 
      • If it complies, the Foundation will proceed with the registration request. 
      • If it does not comply, we will contact the organizer to make the necessary changes in order to continue with their Edcamp registration. 
  • Within 15-20 business days of submission, the organizer should have a live “published” Eventbrite registration link to use to promote their Edcamp and secure attendee registrations. 
  • Once an organizer “publishes” their Eventbrite page and has a live link, the Edcamp will be posted to the Edcamp Foundation’s calendar on our website and the Edcamp is be eligible for an Edcamp-in-a-Box resource kit. 
  • Edcamp-in-a-Box kits (with a $200 USD check, if eligible) are flat-rate boxes sent via USPS 3-4 weeks prior to an Edcamp. You will receive email notification when your kit is shipped from the Foundation. Kits typically arrive within five (5) days of shipment. 

By registering your Edcamp, 

  1. You agree to uphold the tenets of the Edcamp model: 
    1. Free and Open to All: Edcamps never charge a fee, and are open to educators of all levels and subjects.
    2. Participant-Driven: Edcamps allow participants to collaboratively determine session topics the day of the event. 
    3. Experience, not Experts: Edcamps encourage participants to facilitate sessions by sharing experiences; conversations, not planned presentations.
    4. Rule of Two Feet: Edcamps suggest participants find sessions that meet their needs to maximize learning.
    5. Vendor Free: Edcamps may not sell any goods/services or require attendees to purchase goods or services. 
  2. You agree to use the name “Edcamp” in the title of your event.
  3. You agree to adhere to the Foundation’s Terms of Use Agreement.
  4. You agree to adhere to the Foundation’s Anti-Harassment Policy.
  5. You agree to register your Edcamp through the Foundation’s Eventbrite parent account, or if you use another registration platform, to submit your attendance list (Excel or CSV file) within two (2) weeks after your Edcamp. All submissions must be sent to: allison@edcamp.org.
  6. If you receive a $200 USD check with your Edcamp-in-a-Box, you agree to deposit into a bank account that is in the name of the organizer identified as the payee on the check and to use the monies to meet your Edcamp’s needs. Most Edcamp organizers use their funds to supply light refreshments for their Edcamp participants. 
  7. If your Edcamp is rescheduled or canceled, please notify us,  info@edcamp.org so we can update the Foundation’s website.
  8. Within two (2) weeks following your Edcamp, please submit the following information to the Foundation so we can spread the word about the power of Edcamp throughout our community:
    1. Pictures of your Edcamp: Create a folder with the name of your Edcamp and year (Ex. Edcamp Penn 2019) in our Google drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fsss7yB22CovPK8N_sFUUFMAcekT_WZD?usp=sharing
    2. Google Session Board™ (if applicable): Create a folder with the name of your Edcamp and year (Ex. Edcamp Penn 2019) in our Google drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q6CRpLLH4XASwp_aSvbmjGBPt1lY9itV?usp=sharing
    3. Articles for the newsletter: If you are interested in having your Edcamp story told in our newsletter, please contact us. We are looking for:
      1. Six (6) photos with captions and names of people in picture (left to right).
      2. Blog post introducing your Edcamp. Share with the community aspects that highlight your Edcamp from its planning to the end of the day. (500-750 words). Please include writer’s name, title and headshot (jpeg format).
      3. Links to your Edcamp’s social media, so we can include in the newsletter: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Link to your session board if digital. 
      4. 2-3 Blog posts from organizers or participants about the impact of Edcamp (no more than 500 words). Please include writer’s name, title and headshot (jpeg format).

By registering with us, you agree that you, as an organizer, are not acting as an agent for or on behalf of the Foundation and that you are acting on your own volition simply using and licensing materials supplied by the Foundation for an event you will organize. Additionally, you agree that you will not charge participants or solicit any vendors for your Edcamp event.