What does it cost?

Edcamps are always free to participants.  Organizers find sponsors that will cover the costs of things like refreshments and materials.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in education is welcome to attend. Edcamps are professional development opportunities that are created by teachers for teachers, but all people who are stakeholders in education are welcome. If you're a teacher, administrator, education student, or simply someone with a genuine interest in teaching and learning, please join us.

What is the format?

Edcamps are unconferences. Yep, that’s right, Edcamps are not conferences! Organizers set the schedule for the day but all sessions are determined by participants on the day of the event. Everyone is welcome to propose and lead a session where conversation and collaboration are paramount. The day is completely participant-driven.

Do I have to  present?

You do not need to present when you attend an Edcamp. However, anyone with a good idea is encouraged to lead a conversation.  Edcamp is all about learning and sharing. You are welcome to propose a session where you are the expert or to propose a session where you are the one with questions or concerns. Sometimes the best learning is born of informal conversation.

Do I have to be a techie?

Absolutely not! Edcamps are for everyone that wants to learn and share. You’ll see most educators at Edcamps using some kind of device to view the session board, take collaborative notes, tweet about the experience and on occasion, share via live video. This is not a requirement…...just a reflection of the times. Sessions are determined by the participants at each individual Edcamp. If the see that reflected throughout the day.

What do I bring?  Bring an excitement for learning.  Like any conference you should come prepared to take notes in any fashion you like.  Most Edcamps have WiFi access, so you can bring mobile devices or laptops.  Paper and a pencil will also work just fine. Bring anything you would like to make your day meaningful.

Smackdown? What's a smackdown?

Some Edcamps have a Smackdown. It's a fast-paced opportunity for sharing. People volunteer to share a tech tool, teaching tip, book recommendation, or anything else they'd like to share with the group about dynamic teaching and learning. You come to the front of the room, give a quick 1-2 minute pitch, share any pertinent information (URL's, titles, etc), and then it is added to a shared document that you can reference later. You'll leave with a ton of information and great tips!

How can I be a part of the action?

Once you've registered, you can offer to volunteer the day of the event. It's a great way to meet new people. You can also tweet using the hashtag for the Edcamp you are attending.  After the Edcamp, keep the conversations going through blogging, meet ups or bringing this type of professional development to your school. The Edcamp Foundation is happy to help you with this.

How will I know if there will be other teachers in my discipline attending?

The best way to be sure that other educators in your discipline are attending is to invite them!  Every Edcamp hopes for a diverse group of educators, however, the most important piece for attendees is that they are ready to learn and share great ideas.

What will I take away?

We’re certain you’ll take away a host of great ideas, new resources and add a few new members to your Personal Learning Network. Some Edcamps will have swag and door prizes. This is not a requirement and varies from Edcamp to Edcamp.

Why have thousands of educators around the world attended Edcamps on their own time?

The consistent answer we hear from our attendees is that they are passionate about education and want to learn and share with equally inspired teachers.