Impact Grants

Supporting the continued learning and professional growth of Edcamp educators!

Program Overview

During the next two years, and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Edcamp Foundation plans to award a total of $200,000 USD to 400 PreK-12 educators across the United States. Eligible applicants have attended an Edcamp and shown interest in implementing an idea learned during an Edcamp session. Bi-annually, the Edcamp Foundation will open their online application portal for all interested applicants. Applications are graded on a rubric scale, anonymously selected by fellow volunteer educators, and those awarded receive $500 USD towards their proposal. Within six months from their award date, awardees submit a final report to the Edcamp Foundation, detailing their impact.

The timeline of the application period is contingent upon Edcamp Foundation’s funding year and the standard U.S. school year schedule and are subject to change. The next application process begins in September 2018.

The entire application process, from submission to award date takes three months (i.e., applications submitted in September are not awarded until December). So please be mindful of when you intend to use the grant money! 

Applicants serving in Title 1, under-resourced city districts are encouraged to apply and are given priority. Educators, administrators, and support staff employed by U.S. PreK-12 schools are all welcome to apply.


To qualify for an Impact Grant:

1) Applicant must have attended a registered Edcamp within the last year. (If you are unsure whether or not your Edcamp registered through the Edcamp Foundation, please contact your Edcamp’s organizer)

2) Applicant plans on staying with their current employer for at least one year from the date of their application.

3) Applicant is employed by a U.S. PreK-12 school and are living within the U.S.

Those who are employed by post-secondary establishments, for-profit companies or businesses, international schools based outside of the U.S., or are currently enrolled within a pre-service education program, are not eligible to apply. 

Grading and Rubric

Applications are graded anonymously by fellow volunteer PreK-12 educators based in the U.S. Our volunteer readers are selected, trained, and supervised by Edcamp Foundation staff prior to reading applications. The top rated applications receive a $500 grant award.

Applicants are graded on a rubric scale that focuses on three key elements: program description, impact and sustainability, and plan and budget. Please view the rubric below for a breakdown of grading. For a printable version of this rubric, please click here.


For examples of previous winners of the Impact Grant, click HERE for inspiration!

How to apply

To apply, follow the link below to access our online application portal. A login must be created prior to accessing the application. If you already have an account, simply login to begin a new application. All updates on your application can be accessed through your portal.