Board Member

Anthony Veneziale

Em-CLO | Co-Founder, Speechless

Anthony Veneziale (aka Two-Touch) has been performing and teaching improv for over twenty years and is a leader in the field of musical improvisation. He is a founding member of Freestyle Love Supreme (NYC), The Freeze (SF), and American Immigrants (SF). He has used these techniques to help creative endeavors with Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In the Heights, The Electric Company), Daveed Diggs (The Freeze), Chrissy Mazzeo & Martin Edwards (Bartlett) and numerous networks and companies. Veneziale co-founded Speechless in 2013 with Sammy Wegent & Scott Lifton and has appeared on HBO's Sex and the City, Looking and The Electric Company, SeeSo's Freestyle Love Supreme.
You can see two of his TEDx talks here and here. Anthony is also the Chief Learning Officer of Speechless, where his passion to facilitate learning experiences filled with play that are inclusive, diverse and inspiring take shape.