Edcamp Foundation Programs

The Edcamp Foundation is committed to providing free resources to educators to ensure job satisfaction, empower ongoing learning and encourage professional networking.


The Edcamp-in-a-Box program was designed to make organizing an Edcamp as easy as possible by providing free supplies to organizers!

The Edcamp Foundation believes all educators should be able to organize an Edcamp without the burden of needing supplies or money to make the event a success. The Edcamp-in-a-Box program provides free resource kits to organizers, who have registered their Edcamp with us and who commit to meeting basic requirements that ensure the integrity of the Edcamp model. 

Edcamp-in-a-Box kits include: nametags, markers and Post-It notes; Edcamp stickers, pens and buttons; contact information for sponsors willing to provide give-away items; and a check for $200 to purchase additional supplies and/or light refreshments.

To register your Edcamp, click here. Once your Edcamp is approved, we will send your kit via USPS. 

Edcamp Encore

The Edcamp Encore program was designed to provide support to organizers wanting to further the learning started at an Edcamp in order to increase educator knowledge and develop strategies for implementation. It is an Edcamp with a focus.

  • We encourage organizers to host an Edcamp Encore shortly after their Edcamp to keep the learning momentum going. 
  • We encourage organizers to monitor interest the day of the Edcamp and identify sessions that were popular among participants.
  • We enourage organizers to reach out to particpants about their interests in further discussing the identified topic, and recruiting participants with specific expertise to faciliate the Encore discussion.
  • We encourage organizers to reach out to the Edcamp Foundation to register their Edcamp Encore. If needed, we can help find Edcamp experts in the identified topic. 

Like an Edcamp, the Edcamp Foundation supports organizers with free resources: Edcamp materials, funding for refreshments, and strategies for identifying teacher experts.

If you are interested in hosting an Edcamp Encore, please contact Program + Evaluation Manager, Justine LeDonne

Impact Grants

The Impact Grants program was designed to help educators who want to build upon what they learned at an Edcamp and further their learning and classroom practice. 

  • Impact Grants provide $500 to selected applicants whose proposal strongly details how the grant will: 
    • further a teacher's professional learning
    • implement an idea in the classroom/school   
    • provide a transfer of learning to colleagues 
  • Impact Grants focus on increasing a teacher's capacity to bring about change in the classroom and/or school.
  • Imapct Grants demonstrate the positive impact Edcamp has on educators, their classrooms, schools, and students. 

For more information about Impact Grants, click here.

District Initiative

Although the Edcamp model has spread to all 50 states and 33 countries, teachers working in the toughest schools in America have not yet heard of the Edcamp movement. Demands on their time and energy make the added burden of giving up their free time too onerous. The Edcamp Foundation, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has launched its District Initiative program to bring the Edcamp model to educators in under-resourced school districts around the country.

  • The DI program selects three districts per year, bringing the Edcamp model to their educators.
  • The DI program offers "Edcamp Specialist" trainings for teacher leaders, identified by the district, who learn how to facilitate an Edcamp. Edcamp Specialists receive free Edcamp backpacks as a token of the Edcamp Foundation's appreciation!
  • The DI program offers the hands-on support of the Edcamp Foundation's Outreach Manager, Cynthia Leatherwood, to assist with facilitating three Edcamp events in the district.
  • The DI program has a flexible design in order to meet the particular needs of the district and its educators.
  • The DI program provides free resources, incuding Edcamp-in-a-Box materials and funding to assist with providing food & beverages at the Edcamp events.

If you are interested in bringing the DI program to your area, please contact Cynthia Leatherwood to discuss fee-for-service training opportunities.