Edcamp Foundation Programs

Committed to providing educators a PD model that increases job satisfaction, empowers ongoing learning and encourages professional networking.


Edcamp-in-a-Box makes organizing an Edcamp as easy as possible for organizers in the United States! 

The Edcamp Foundation believes all educators should be able to organize an Edcamp without the burden of needing supplies or money to make the event a success. The Edcamp-in-a-Box program provides free resource kits to organizers in the United States who have 1) registered with Edcamp Foundation and 2) agreed to the Terms and Conditions set forth to ensure the integrity of the Edcamp model.

Register your Edcamp! Once approved, we will send your kit via USPS. 

Happy Edcamping!

Edcamp Encore

The Edcamp Encore program provides support to organizers seeking to further the learning started at an Edcamp. Edcamp Encore is an opportunity to increase knowledge of a specific topic and develop strategies for implementating that knowledge either in the classroom or with peer educators. It's an Edcamp with a focus!

We encourage Edcamp Organizers to:

  • Host an Edcamp Encore shortly after their Edcamp to keep the learning momentum going. 
  • Monitor interest the day of the Edcamp and identify sessions that were popular among participants.
  • Reach out to particpants about their interests in further discussing the identified topic, and recruiting participants with specific expertise to faciliate the Encore discussion.
  • Reach out to the Edcamp Foundation to register their Edcamp Encore. If needed, we can help find Edcamp experts in the identified topic. 

Much like the Edcamp-in-a-Box program, we support Edcamp Organizers within the United States who organize an Edcamp Encore. If you are interested in hosting an Edcamp Encore, please contact info@edcamp.org to discuss items needed and to identify teacher experts within the Edcamp network who could provide expertise.